Monday, June 11, 2007

Prius red triangle of death warning light

This weekend I got the infamous red triangle of death warning light on my Prius. This only happened one other time since I've had my 2004 Prius, and at that time it had seemed to be only a software issue. I had all the recall fixes done so far.
I took my car in to Toyota Walnut Creek on Saturday night to check it in for a look on Sunday. Turns out there is problem with a wiring harness that is connected to the hybrid system. I just turned 100k on the Prius a couple weeks ago, but guess what, the hybrid system itself has a warranty up to 150k miles, so this is covered. whew!
What sucks is that I'm without my car for at least one to two days, until they replace the part. (I'm sure it wasn't that new subwoofer I installed recently that cause the problem? ;) )

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